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You probably remember this little fuzzball from those childhood viewings of the most duplicitous movie of the 1980s. Sure, the first half of the movie it’s all adorable fuzzy creatures you wish you could have as a pet, and then all of a sudden it’s grotesque lizard men running amok and harassing Phoebe Cates! But if you’re anything like us that first half of the movie really left an impression and you’ve always had a soft spot for this little guy, and now you can find out what it’s like to BE him with this adult Gremlins Gizmo mask. It’s a fine mask that looks just like the real thing, but it comes with rules that you must follow. Don’t get it wet, and whatever you do, don’t eat after midnight while wearing it! We can’t be held responsible for what happens if you do. That being said we hope you have an awesome time partying Gremlins style in this thing. Who knows, maybe Miss Cates will show up to the party! Hey, a Gremlins fan can dream, right?

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