Adult Sexy Betel Witch Sexy Costume


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You won’t need any hocus pocus to look seductive this Halloween. Just put on the Sexy Betel Witch Costume. It includes a tulle skirt with black belt, neckpiece and striped leggings, corset and hat. Once, witch was a term used against people, mostly women, who were thought to be immoral and this used supernatural means to do evil things. Witch trials were held in various places in Europe a number of times from the 15th to the 18th century; during these times, a hysteria took over and many hundreds of people were accused at each. The New World was not immune, as evidenced by the Salem witch trials. But these days witches are seen not just as old, ugly and evil, but also a beautiful and perhaps a little naughty. TV shows like Bewitched and the more modern Charmed featured good witches. So what kind of a witch are you? Try this on and find out. Wig and broom are not part of the set.


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