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Adult Slipknot Craig Mask


Are you generally labeled as the quiet one in your group of friends? Do you have a spark of genius in you when it comes to computers and electronics? You sound very similar to Craig Jones! You may know him better as ‘133’, his nickname in the famous band Slipknot! He was designated ‘#5’ when he joined the band, so maybe that’s what you know him by… but if somehow, you still don’t know him by name then you’ll definitely recognize him by his iconic mask!When performing on stage or even just cooking breakfast… (we like to imagine) Craig throws on this bondage mask with extremely long nails punctured threw it and goes absolutely wild on stage. He’s headbanging behind the keyboard and even tackling some of his fellow bandmates during their performances. Seeing Slipknot play on stage is like watching a beautiful nightmare come to life right in front of you. Now you can take a part of this nightmare home with this licensed Craig Mask! You’ll look like you jumped right out of a Slipknot music video and brought their brutal essence with you!


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