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If you find yourself always daydreaming in a state of wonderland then what better to fix that then dress yourself up as the Queen of Hearts. This isn’t just any old Queen of Hearts costume it’s an Elite Queen of Hearts Costume. You will be the best looking version of the ever popular villainous queen, in our costume. Demand the attention in your court in this women’s Elite Queen of Hearts Costume! It’s an elegant dress made of a variety of rich fabrics such as satin, velvet and faux fur. Whether you’re playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs or bringing justice to your kingdom, you will look as if you were ripped right off the big screen, only better and much more elegant. This Queen of Hearts costume even includes a black velvet choker, which is perfect since chokers are finally back! For anyone who disapproves of this costume at your next dress-up event, it’ll be off with their head! With all of the multiple versions of the Queen of Hearts produced over the years we are sure that this version is the most wonderful of them all. You’ll be turning heads and keeping the peasants in line, our costume is the perfect fit for a true queen. Alice better watch her back, for the Queen of Wonderland is in command! All hail the Queen!

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