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Game of Thrones The Mountain Helmet for Adults


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The massive man known as The Mountain was a powerful adversary, to begin with. Right-hand henchman of the queen, he took care of nefarious tasks that the Lannisters required of him throughout his natural life. He should have breathed his last in a gruesome fight to the death, but the queen wasn’t having it. Even at death’s door, he did as she required and continued to serve, though he seems a little different now. He was never very talkative but he seems to have become as quiet as the grave.The Mountain seems to be an unstoppable force, especially now that he doesn’t seem to need sleep or food. His only need is the need to serve, and perhaps to cause pain. This Halloween, send shivers down the spine of anyone who plots to stand between the queen and the Iron Throne. This intimidating mask may not spark many verbal conversations but it will definitely leave an impression. Nothing will stop you now, except maybe a dragon, but those aren’t around anymore, right?

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