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Nineties Night Terrors!The nineties, a time when you would name your main character something as innocent as Carly Beth. It was a time when bangs were curled over every forehead, a time when spooky stories thrilled kids on television, a time when turtlenecks were worn with plaid shirts and no one even questioned it. And most of all the nineties were a time when R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series reigned supreme. You remember getting ahold of those books, right? The covers were dripping with shiny “slime” and depicted grotesque illustrations on the front. We bet if you close your eyes you can picture one of your favorites in Stine’s series. One of the most memorable stories in both the books and the tv show? The Haunted Mask of course!Product DetailsThis mask is made of latex and fully covers your head for a true Goosebumps look. The high cheekbones and long teeth look exactly like the mask that Carly Beth wore in the television show. With detailed green skin and eye holes, you’ll love how evil you look and lucky for you, taking it off again shouldn’t be a problem!If Looks Could Kill. . . If you’re ready to relive your nineties favorites, you’ll love this creepy mask. Pair it with a black cloak and a Plaster of Paris head like Carly Beth and people are sure to relive their favorite show through you. As this mask knows better than anyone; once a classic, always a classic!

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