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Men’s Red Tuxedo

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It’s time to make a statement, a red-hot one! Red is sure to give your wardrobe a vibrant kick. There’s no need to stick with your boring black and white wardrobe. Sure, that’s what people feel like they should stick to when they are trying to make a first impression. But what everyone is really craving is color. Color wakes you up, gets the blood moving, and is sure to peak people’s interest. Oh, you want proof? It’s scientifically proven that seeing red causes people to react fast and forcefully. It’s because red is seen as a sign of danger unconsciously. But we’re sure people will not see you as a danger but an intriguing bloom in an otherwise monochromatic forest. Also, it’s proven that red is the color of winners. We’re not saying that you ought to wear this to the Olympics but you’ll want to wear it beforehand to get you in the right mindset. The pants can easily be taken up for any length differences you might need! Enjoy the ruffles down your chest and the classy bowtie. You’ll look fancy at any formal event from Valentines Day to Christmas, this vibrant and festive Men’s Red Tuxedo makes a bold statement. Add sophistication with great accessories like our red cane, shoes and top hat! For Halloween, you could become a dapper Devil by adding horns, makeup, and a pitchfork. Or, with a group of friends wearing our other colored tuxes, be one stripe of a rainbow. Use your imagination!

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