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Plus Size Twelfth Doctor Mens Costume Jacket 2X

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If you’re lucky, you and your Whovian friends all agree on which Doctor is the best. You spend hours talking about your favorite episodes and comparing companions. You compare Sonic Screwdriver sets and swap dialogue lines back and forth with such speed, it’s almost like your own language. Unfortunately, no such agreement exists here in the office. There’s divisive camps all over the the place for the various doctors. Who’s the best? Which incarnation and why? It’s caused quite the ruckus around here. Regardless of our favorites, if any of our co-workers walked in in a full-on Doctor outfit, you can bet that there would be exclamations. High-fives. Applause. Celebration. Even though we have our preferences, as long as the Whovian fandom is being represented, we’re happy.So if you’re a big Whovian fan yourself and you are bent on representing, check out our Plus Size Twelfth Doctor Mens Jacket. Inspired by the twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi, this jacket is officially licensed. It is made from a dark blue faux-wool polyester blend fabric and is fully lined with that signature bright red. There’s even functional pockets on the front and a Sonic Screwdriver pocket inside. Just get yourself a snazzy pair of slacks, a good vest, and white button-up and you’ll be the perfect representation of the twelfth Doctor. It’s a no-brainer, pudding brain.

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