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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Leatherface Killing Mask


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*sigh* Family life isn’t what it used to be. When you have a tight family unit, it’s important to communicate and work together. So, when your Grandpa who has worked hard his whole life to build your family’s legacy depends on you to bring him a fresh catch, you’d better do it. A good brother sticks with the family business and since the slaughterhouse isn’t open any more your family can’t be blamed for harvesting prey from the highway. After all, even when your brother, the cook, warned those teenagers away from that abandoned house, they still went, so why would you feel bad? Yeah, you might have a strange looking face but you’re just following family tradition, who are we to judge? In fact we think what you done shows great craftsmanship, we swear. Woy even made some leather ears from yourself, that’s pretty cool. All you need now is a tie and apron and you can go out on Halloween like a normal person. Don’t feel bad about leaving Grandpa back home, maybe you can bring him back some leftovers.

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