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White Walker Dragon Mask Game of Thrones


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WHAT IS IN A NAME?When you are the Mother of Dragons, naming your happy little trio of draconic kiddos is really important. Not just because everything needs a good name, but because this is a pretty magical creature. Names might matter a ton! So, generally speaking, it is ill-advised to name your dragon after your jerk brother who tried to betray you. You’re really asking for trouble with that. Fast forward a few seasons and now we have to fight over names again! Is Viserion an ice dragon? Dragon wight? White Flyer? Look at all these troubles all because of Viserys! PRODUCT DETAILSTry to solve the mystery of Viserion with this Game of Thrones White Walker Dragon Mask. This officially licensed latex mask will transform your noggin into the terrifying look of the undead dragon that proved to be one of the biggest plot twists in the whole story. With shining blue eyes and the mottling horns and spines, this dragon is bound to turn some heads. BLUE EYES WIGHT DRAGONSeems like we’ve seen this combination before, but who knows what will come of a blue-fire breathing undead ice dragon!? Help us solve the mystery of what is going to happen next with this White Walker Dragon Mask from the epic HBO show Game of Thrones.

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