Women’s Dark Angel Costume


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Some angels have all the fun.We’ve never found anything particularly fun about the harp. Or everyone dressing in white. Or the way you are told to behave in a certain manner. We’ve always been drawn to darkness. That’s probably why we aren’t the kind of angels you’ll find in Heaven. No, we are from deep down below. We dwell where we can find hell-fire whiskey.Do you think you have what it takes to be a little dark? To have wings black like the raven’s? To put down your harp, and indulge in some heavier music? We think you do. Heck, we know you do. We know you can party hardy, and that you look fabulous in black.So, this year take off that white dress, and slip into this Women’s Dark Angel Costume. No one will be able to tell you how you should behave. Or to practice your harp any more. No, people will know you are ready for anything. You’ll be invited to the hottest parties anyone has ever seen. Women will be jealous of your raven black wings, and men will be falling at your feet as you take a shot of hell-fire whiskey. Guess it really is true, some angels really do have all the fun. The dark angels.

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