Women’s Disney Deluxe Ariel Costume

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Wish I could be part of your worldA fish is a fish, and a mermaid may never walk. That is until an evil sea witch gets involved. Then a mermaid can walk, she just can’t talk, or sing. And if she doesn’t get true loves kiss she will become one of Ursula’s many poor unfortunate souls.Ariel, the redheaded daughter of Triton, god of the sea, is the most outspoken of her sisters. The most curious of what else is happening in the world. She really wants to explore all the things that land has to offer. And when she finds her true love, she knows that she would gladly make a bargain with Ursula to go up on the land. To be part of Eric’s world.Put on this Women’s Disney Deluxe Ariel Costume, and become part of Ariel’s world. The one under the sea, and the one on land. We’re not saying that a prince will fall in love with you, or that you will become a great singer when you put this dress on, all we are saying is all things are possible. If you try hard, that land prince may fall in love with you, even without your voice. And evil sea witches like Ursula never win the day. So, you may very well get a great singing voice if you practice, and don’t sign any contracts with Ursula. *Dinglehopper not included.*

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