Women’s Prestige Lady Tremaine Costume

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Like any great thespian will tell you, the truly fun roles to play are the villains, no matter how dastardly or bad. And in fact, the more evil they are, the better. And there may be none more universally evil and well known than Lady Tremaine, who is the very basis for the “evil stepmother” stereotype known all over the world today (now, that’s quite an accomplishment, if you ask us)! So this Halloween, drop the whole “beleaguered princess” act (I mean, we love Cinderella, but she’s so angsty sometimes!) and have some real fun in this Women’s Prestige Lady Tremaine Costume!Based on the radiant, alluring Cate Blanchett version of the character from Disney’s live-action Cinderella movie, this officially licensed dress will turn you into a sinfully bedazzling vision in the blink of an eye. Made of a glimmering, silky polyester and textured like the garments worn by nobility, the Womens Prestige Lady Tremaine Costume will make you the belle of the ball… and the best part is, you won’t have to leave at midnight for fear of having your carriage turn into a pumpkin (like someone we know)!So this Halloween, let that troublesome stepdaughter of yours have all the “fun” (by which we mean just staying at home and do all the chores) so you can be your wicked, glamorous self on the big night. Just don’t forget to have a look around at our wigs (we suggest red) and accessories to truly complete the picture of everyone’s favorite evil stepmother!

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