Women’s Sexy Heartless Mistress Costume


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She’s not your typical villain! Sure, she’s evil and ruthless, but she’s also a scientific and medical wonder, because this baby was born without the necessary and vital organ that pumps oxygen and blood to rest of her body! That’s right, folks – she was literally born without a heart, and still lived to tell about it! Except that she probably won’t, mainly because she doesn’t even like you! But don’t take it personally – honestly, she doesn’t really like anybody, mostly because she doesn’t have the heart that would give her the capacity and compassion to feel kindness or intimacy with her fellow human beings!You might think that living a life without a heart would be hard and cold and difficult, but she’ll be the first to tell you that it’s actually quite a breeze! Without having to care about other people’s feelings – or winning that pesky thing called “love” she keeps hearing about – she has so much more time and energy to spend on ruling her kingdom and plotting out her future world domination! She also gets to focus on other fun things, like making sure her wardrobe is always on point. Check out those puffy sleeves and exaggerated collar! Just because you’re heartless doesn’t mean you can’t also look super hot!And in this Women’s Sexy Heartless Mistress Costume, you’ll also have complete reign over any costume party you attend! Wear your (non-existant) heart on your sleeves with this stretch velvet romper…it’s not like it’s doing any good inside your body! The costume also comes complete with a flexible silver plastic tiara set with clear faux gems, which means that all you’ll need is a pair of daring tights or thigh-highs and ruthless heels, and you’ll be ready to steal everyone’s – you guessed it! – hearts this Halloween!

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